Last week I did a review of a limited edition Gin from @stockholmsbranneri, drinking it neat really gave you ideas of ways to use it, thoughts of how to enhance the strengths it had and so on. In the same post I wrote about my favorite way of doing a Gin & Tonic using this Gin which was: “non flavored tonic, (I used @ekobryggeriet), a lot of ice, 6 timut pepper corns and 1 whole bay leaf. That was in my opinion the perfect herbal and earthy Gin & Tonic!”. Obviously you can see that I used more than one bay leaf and a lot more timut pepper than six hehe… Sometimes I just want to go all out for a picture, and sometimes I want to go for elegance, for today’s picture it was all out! But I liked it, in some sips I got a pepper and that was a numbing feeling to the tongue, pretty cool!

Kaffenytt – Herbal and Earthy Gin & Tonic Recipe:
5cl Gin  (@stockholmsbranneri – Ön, Timut pepper, bay leaf, strawberries & elderflower)
5cl Tonic (@ekobryggeriet – original Tonic)
Bay leaf
Timut pepper corns

Nothing special to be honest, just pour the gin and tonic, together with the crushed ice and spice.

The thoughts behind this GT are that I’m enhancing the already infused ingredients with new and dried ones. You could easily do the same but with fresh ingredients like strawberries and elderflower instead. However, since we’re in January I chose to enhance the more earthy and herbal notes in the Gin instead. I like Gin & Tonics with the ratio 1:1, however you could always go for 2 parts tonic and 1 part Gin if you don’t like the equal ratio I suggest.

The glass is called Luigi Bormioli Bach from @raisethebarsweden⠀