Today is a special day in Sweden, it’s “Fettisdagen”. I found a translation for it in some English written new sites and it was “Fat Tuesday” or “Shrove Tuesday”.  We don’t eat pancakes or something like that, we eat a “Semla”. It’s a bun with sweetened almond mass, whipped cream, and topped off with powdered sugar.

I’m gonna dissect that and make it to something you’re more used to see on my page, a drink… A coffee drink! So if you want to celebrate Fettisdagen with us Swedes you can do it with ingredients you can probably get this stuff at your place!

Recipe for my Semmel Frappuccino 2 servings
300ml milk
4cl Amaretto (or Amaretto Syrup for an alcohol-free alternative)
2 tbs vanilla sugar
100ml cold brew
14-18 ice cubes
½ cardamom pod

Mix everything in a blender, then top it up with some whipped cream then grate the rest of the cardamom pod on the frappucinos and serve!

In this recipe I didn’t want to oversweet the drink too much, I know that frappuccinos have a lot of sugar today and I prefer to feel all the flavors from the coffee, amaretto, vanilla, and cardamom instead. But if you want it sweeter just put in powdered sugar before you mix it.

I’ve tried other versions as well, I’ve steeped a Selma bun in cold milk before mixing the milk (no bun, just the milk), which gives a more Selma flavor. And if you want it alcohol-free you can use an Amaretto Syrup instead, I used the one made by @monin_europe from @barkonsultnordic.

The lovely glass is from Libbey called Irish Coffee with Optic, I got mine from @barkonsultnordic.

Tips på länkar

Enfragaomdagen där du kan ställa frågor och få svar en sida som är delvis på engelska

I you too en blandad sida med gott och blandat

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