So there’s a little thing called Julmust here in Sweden, it’s one of the tastiest beverages I know of and it’s a soft drink we drink at Christmas. Basically, you can call it Christmas Must. It’s also something we drink at Easter (then it’s called Påskmust), so this is the Easter Must. I don’t know if the recipe differs in any way, so it’s probably the same recipe.

The easiest way to describe Julmust/Påskmust is that it’s a spicy Coke, spicy as in spices not spicy hot. It’s richer in its foam than a Coke and has a less sweet taste depending on the brand of course. I love to drink Coke with a lemon wedge and a lot of ice, but I would never do that to a Julmust/Påskmust, it just doesn’t work for me.

This is something that is loved by the majority of the Swedish population, so if you get the chance to be here close to Easter or Christmas, please try it and share the love of one of our best inventions… Ever.

This Påskmust is from @hammarsbryggeri that I bought from @robertsonshamnmagasinet. It’s important to support your local goods and Hammars are just 20 minutes away from me.

Happy Easter!

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