Ni kan se hennes bidrag här, samt läsa texten nedan:

“As you all know my channel on Instagram has changed a bit, I’ve introduced my interest in cocktails and it first began with coffee-related drinks which later on went to traditional recipes which also went to composing my own recipes. You’ve liked this content and the best thing of all is that it opens doors for me which makes me so happy!

So I will be a part of the judging team for Licor 43 Bartender & Barista Challenge 2020. And this year I’ll also be the one to present the winner, a winner who has found a balance which is quite hard to do with the number of ingredients that also has a lot of character.

With passion, creativity and finesse, this bartender has taken Licor 43 to a higher level. With thinking out of the box this person inspired us to mix Licor 43 in a total different way from all the other competitors. Licor 43´s Bartender & Barista Challenges 2020 goes to @emeliehjartstrom

The recipe:
“The Bitter Confusion”
30ml Licor 43
10ml Campari
10ml Sweet Red Vermouth
40ml Cold Espresso

#licor43bb2020 #licor43 #glashuset #stockholm #coffeecocktail @glashuset #bartender #kaffenytt @emeliehjartstrom”